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Shiro Miso Making Workshop

Date: Oct 24, 2019
Place: Nagomi Beauty Room
Price: $60

This is a workshop for Miso making.
You will learn not only how to make Miso but also some lecture about various kind of miso, how they’re different, how they affect your health.

Very important key to ferment Miso is Koji. The mold. MOLD?
Don’t worry, I will teach you how much they’re important for us, how much they related to us since ancient days. You will learn about microbes which related to create Koji, the starter of the Miso fermentation.

This workshop includes about 500g of Miso to take home, miso soup, different kind of miso to try, and little miso dishes!

Do you live far fron Toronto?
Online course is available….!

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