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Soy Sauce Making Class at your kitchen

I’m finally ready to start making soysauce class in this spring 2020!

This spring in 2020 is going to be unforgettable in our life.
COVID-19 had a huge impact to our life. It changes our everyday life a lot.

I was thinking of something that I could do to use this important period of time.
Something for everyone. Something to help people.
To connect to the future.

My thoughts made me to decide to do soy sauce making class online.

Soy sauce Making Class at your kitchen

Especially during this time, I arranged this class for people who can not go out.
I will be able to deliver Soy sauce koji and anything the participants need to prepare, so that they can work on their own soy sauce at their own kitchen.

What? Am I going to prepare by myself??

Don’t worry, You’ll be fine.

The only required step is: Place soy sauce koji in a jar containing salt and water.
That’s all. Maybe it takes about 5 min to finish?

I will give you full instructions.

After the preparation, simply take care of it by yourselves for a year.

And, That’s it!!

Soy sauce Koji

WHAT? Am I going to take care of by myself? for a year???

Don’t worry.
That’s why we will get together as a group at a group page on Facebook. I will give instructions when the time comes. You also have a chance to see how eveyone else’s soysauce is doing. You can ask me a question anytime when you need.

I will be with you for a year. Through all four seasons.
You will need to especially be careful during the spring as the soy souce’s fermentation will not be stable yet.
I will also give you some lectures on soy sauce little by little.

When the hot season arrives, the fermentation becomes more active.
The jar will be full of microbes, enzymes, and all of the other invisible little guys so busy, doing their job inside the small space.

The Fall season is slowing down time.
In the winter, you’ll be really excited to try the soy sauce because it looks like it’s already done.
But, No! you will need more patient and wait until next spring!

This one is just one month fermentation…!

Finally, next spring in 2021, you are going to squeeze the soy sauce out.
I will let you know how when the time comes.
Also I will give you some tips on how to use your freshly squeezed soy sauce.

I am also planning to get together and tasting everyone else’s soy sauce sometimes in April. It will be interesting to see how each person’s soy sauce will have a different taste although they were all made exactly same way.
Let’s do Pot luck party with soy sauce!

And at that time we will think, that the spring 2020 was pretty hard, but it will only be a memory in the past and we’ll happily celebrate our harvest.

At the same time, you will have a chance to buy new soy sauce koji to prepare making soy sauce for 2021-2022 !

Hopefully, I will do this event every year like a yearly job.
To make soy sauce preparation is like a yearly job, to be part of our life.

In advanced level, you will have the option to try 2 years and 3 years old soy sauce.
so much more to have fun !

We’ll make our food ourselves. We’ll take care of ourselves by ourselves.

Would you like to join the project?

Fee: $60
(Including: 580g of soysauce koji to make about 1.5L of Soysauce moromi. If you would like to make more, you can order extra soy sauce koji)
What you need: facebook account, to join facebook group page.

Please contact:

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