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Free Online Doburoku (Sake) Making Class

It’s Shiori, a fermentation master 🙂

First of all, I’d like to check in with everyone and hope you all are
staying at home safe and doing well while COVID-18 has made our
lives a 180 degree turn.

For me, I am inspired that many people are working hard to help others
and I wanted to be one of them.
So I have deduced to offer this.

Let’s do a Free Online Doburoku(sake) Making Class!
(Note; Doburoku is a probiotic homebrew alcoholic drink)

In fact, I have already created a Facebook group called “Koji no hana
Canada” for Japanese people.
Since the lock down, I am thinking of everyone how they are coping
with this and I assume many of us are starting to feel the effects of
lockdown both physically and mentally.

How are you eating?
How is your sleep?
Are you waking up refreshed in the morning?
And, are you cooking?
Feeling a bit moody and irritable for no reasons?
Or your anxiety is spiking up randomly?

So let’s do something together and counteract the negative impacts of
our new norm.

Staying home too long.
Too much time to kill.
Sitting too much and watching TV or playing with your phone computer too long.

Your body won’t probably like that…

My hope with this class is to help purge that frustration and bring some fun and ease.

It is free, so why not give it a try!
Let’s have fun together 🙂

This is how we do it.

I’ll create a dedicated Facebook group for this group.

Kick start is on April 6th
(Actually, It changed the date to April 13)

From there, I’ll give you a list of what you’d need to make doburoku, and start sharing the steps.

You’ll prepare what you need based on the instructions.
Don’t worry, everything is quite simple and easy!
Of course I’ll be there to assist you for any questions you may have.

The actual prep is on April 9th.
(It changed to April 16th. Sorry for confusion!)
You will prepare your doburoku in your own kitchen.
If you want to know a little more, it’ll look like this.

Doburoku making is fun all the way.
If you have child(ren), get them involved!New
lives emerge from the stuff that looks just like a bed of rice.

From there they will have fermentation parties and will keep growing with bobbles!
You can do taste checks from day to day.

If it the taste becomes palatable, then that’s it. It’s done.

You can filter the doburoku for more sharp taste if you wish. The pulp called “sakekasu” is flavourful and has so many use.

You can’t have alcohol?  Don’t worry, you warm it up then it will be a savory drink

You’ll learn how and why alcohol has been used as medicine.
And doburoku can use it in your cooking as a versatile seasoning too.

If you are thinking if it tastes exactly like sake you have tasted from Japanese restaurant… It isn’t.

This is an easy-to-make home alcholic drink.

Taste wise it is full body yet very simple and super nourishing.
Anyways, this is a super versatile cooking item that is ALIVE.

Alive means, it changes quickly.

If you passed the golden window of “yummy drink”, that’s ok, you can keep it in the fridge and use it for cooking.

This is for fun, don’t even go to the idea of perfecting it.

Of course you can do that, but you’ll be then in a rabbit hole!
Welcome to the club 🙂

But in this class, let’s not go there and simply enjoy the creation that is unique to you.


Why fermented food?
Let me geek about this a bit… The fermentation with bacteria produce vitamins and minerals, which is so beneficial for us. Fermentation does the magic and make the food turn into a super healthy body friendly food.

During the process of fermentation, all the microbiomes and micronutrients dance harmoniously and produce nutrients while keeping the taste of it amazing.

Good flora helps regulate our bowel movements and cleans it up. This will make other organs happy. Everything is connected.

As you might have heard that, gut is our second brain.
While supplements are helpful, but how much are we actually absorbing?!

Eating fermented foods will nourish your intestines and help better absorption which then support our immunity.

Let’s work our gut flora a happier one.

But let’s not label “bad” flora as “bad”. They are doing their job and we still need them. Let’s not beat them or try to get rid of them.

What’s important here is BALANCE.

Let’s work on creating a harmonious balance in our gut flora.

All we do is to give a bit of support to the “good” flora, and somewhat neutral ones (they are called “opportunistic”) will take care of the rest.

Working on our gut, is to work on our immunity.

Did you see it now?

Taking charge of our own body.
Knowing our own body.
Only then, you’ll know what you should do to help it.

It is my belief that, this is most important than going micro and just looking at nutrients what’s good and what’s not.

Know your body.
Earn the self-care skills and knowledge.
And help your loved ones with it.

Watever the message I put out with fermentation or, acupuncture, I come back to this; Stimulate our five senses.

Hear it pop.
Taste it change.
See it bubble.
Smell it daily
Touch/examine the texture.

You’ll be glued to doburoku.
So healing.

Hope you join us and discover this super healthy fermented drink. Looking forward to having fun with you there!

Shiori Kajiwara

Additional Info!
Here is the link of English version of free doburoku class facebook group page!

Huge thanks to my friend, Akari Yokokawa who translated this for me 🙂

Akari Yokokawa

Akari is a health geek Registered Acupuncturist and Chinese Herbalist Medicine Practitioner (R.TCMP) in Ontario.
Akari loves food, and she believes we are WHAT we eat, and we are HOW we eat.
Facebook @AkariYokokawaTo
Instagram @AkariYokokawaTo