Online Mirin Class in Oct 2020

$180.00 $130.00



Online Mirin Class in Oct 2020

In this 3 lecturs Online Mirin Class, you will learn:

-All about how to make Mirin traditionally
-About Koji, aspergillus oryzae
-Introduction of various kind of Mirin, + history
-Idea of how to use Mirin, including Mirin Lees
-History of Mirin, what you can find Mirin here


There will be 3 lectures with Zoom, once a week. Every Saturday around 10am(EST), 7pm(WST), 11pm(Japan time)
In addition, Presentation file will be provided for you to access for review.
The Zoom lecture will be recorded so that you can watch later or watch again as much as you need until the last day of the lecture.
In addition, Presentation file will be provided for you to access for review.

You will be asked to submit a report.
Since we’ll be connected via SNS( or chat) you can ask me question anytime when you need a help.
You will be supported until your Mirin is done –  about 2 month after we make Mirin


Basic 3: Online Mirin Class in Oct 2020

1st  Zoom lecture:  Oct 3, 2020  
2nd Zoom lecture:  Oct 10, 2020 
3rd  Zoom lecture:  Dec 12, 2020

Fees for Mirin Class (3 classes) CND$180 → CND$130

Please contact Shiori:

Q and A:

Q1:   Before deciding to take the class, I would like to know what exactly I’ll need to make Mirin

Answer:  You will need a glutinous rice, a koji, and an alcohol(40% and up).   Hopefully you will be able to get Rice koji from somewhere.  If you can’t, let’s discuss about it!  I may be able to send it or ask someone to help you. wherever you are, I will help you as much as I can!  so please let me know.

-The following are minimum equipment you need to make Mirin: a steamer, a strainer, a jar or any kind of container to keep the Mirin.
there are a lot more to talk about, so let’s continue in the class.


Q2:   What happens if I miss a Zoom lecture?

A:   Don’t worry, all lecture is going to be recorded and you can access anytime you want later.
Also , handouts are always accessible.

Q3:  Can I attend the class from outside of Canada?

A:  Of course you can.  This is online class and you can take a class anywhere you live.
Also, I will try my best to help you find a better condition to make Mirin that is suitable for your country.


Q4: What are the options of payments?

A:  You can pay by credit card, PayPal, or even e-transfer (if you live in Canada)


More questions/concern?  Please use the form below!


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