BE-1-1 Bodaimoto Online – cleaning

Good evening. Today I’m going to give you an extra link.

I often talk about this at my online class, so you may already hear about it.
But let’s talk about it again.

I won’t be able to see if you will do it or not, but that’s not the point.
Please think about it by yourself.

When I visit Sake brewery in Toronto, they told me that….
More than half of the work of making sake is …


It’s not only Sake Brewery, but almost all of the fermentation kura, such as Miso, Shoyu, Mirin…they put the most effort in CLEANING.

Can you imagine what I try to tell you?

Let’s clean where you are makeing your sake…

entire house if it’s possible!

As you know, I am talk about the invisible world in my class.
I’m not talking about a ghost.
This is about microorganisms.

Microorganisms create us and form us. They are part of us, inside and outside of the body.
Microbes create our internal organs too.

They even control our emotions! Have you ever heard that before?
They are involved in almost every aspect of our body.

Fermentation is the process of making invisible phenomena visible by creating a microbial environment.

Fermentation is truly a wonder….

It will born a life from nothing.
It creates ONE from Zero.

All you have to do is to put raw rice and steamed rice into the water.
From that empty world… life is going to be created.
It is a beautiful tradition created by people’s knowledge and experience.

This time, you will visually see it turn into bubbles.

In order to easier make such an interesting phenomenon happen,
To prevent failures as much as possible, and most importantly, to create delicious Sake….

Let’s clean the place.

It is best to clean the area and make a good environment, where the microorganisms can live in a good mood and good health.

There are an tremendous number of microorganisms in and around our bodies.

What it means to have a good and comfortable environment is that microorganisms, which make us feel good and comfortable, are floating around us.

Cleaning makes you feel good, right?
That’s how it works.

Why does forest bathing feel good? Because of the presence of microorganisms.

It doesn’t matter if you clean for your Sake (or soyashi mizu), for yourself, or because someone told you to.

Why don’t you take this opportunity to adjust your environment?

That’s what I was talking about at every class.

How much cleaning should I do?
Just do until you feel comfortable staying in your place.

If you do too much, that’s a problem with your mind.
Not doing it at all is also a problem.

Tomorrow, I’ll be talking about preparing the Soyashi mizu.

Have a good night (or day)!

Shiori Kajiwara
May7, 2021