FD-6. Free Doburoku Online – Probiotic rice water

Before we make Doburoku, I would like to explain about the probiotic rice water.

How’s yours doing? Is your bottle swollen?
Any changes?

Usually, at my workshop where we meet in person, I always bring in a well-fermented rice water and open it up in front of everyone.
I usually spend around 2 weeks to ferment and to create enough gas to surprise people.

Here’s what happened.

When I opened the lid, a big sound of leaking gas appeared and strong bubbles came up from the bottom. When the inside started rising and overflowing, I quickly closed the lid and, waited until the inside calmed down.
I kept on leaking the gas little by little until I was able to open it without anything overflowing.

Too bad that I can’t demonstrate it to you today.

This is just a demonstration to surprise you with the fact that we can make probiotic water so easily with any kind of food, even with just water that was used to wash rice!

Lactic bacteria are everywhere… it’s in you, or even in any food. It’s floating everywhere. If you just know the required conditions for them to grow, there is nothing special about it. Very easy to do. No need to spend a lot of money on it.

Sometimes I feel a bit scary when I see people go crazy over one specific new nutrients. I believe it’s important to take probiotic food, but I also believe that the probiotic foods are NOT supposed to be special. It should always be there, and they should be in every meal.

I can say with confidence that with Doburoku, we can incorporate the probiotic food in our meals.
It contains lactic bacteria and yeast which creates tons of enzymes. It’s alive and it will keep on changing every day. Once you add the Doburoku into your dish when you cook, you’ll be able to take probiotic food every day.

As an example of a Japanese meal, Soysauce, miso, mirin, sake, and vinegar are all fermented food, surprisingly they’re all made from Koji. Can you imagine how much rich nutrients you can take every day, if you made these by yourself? This is what old Japanese people’s everyday meals were like. No doubt, they had a long lifespan!

Don’t forget that you actually can learn to make them by yourself even in this modern life. This is not something special for your health, this is everyday life.

Did you understand the rough idea of what I wanted to say?

Let’s open up your probiotic rice water

If you keep this bottle with the lid tight for another one week or so, you’ll be able to create a huge explosion. However, we would like to use the water inside as lactic bacteria tonight, so please open it today.

Also, this will be your practice on how to open up the lid when the bottle is filled with gas.

When your doburoku is done, I want you to filter the liquid, pour it into the plastic bottle or glass jar like a wine bottle or a sake bottle and keep it in the fridge.

When the time comes to open it, PLEASE EXPECT THAT THIS MAY EXPLODE.

This is what happened to so many people in the last workshop.
I explained about how to open up the lid, but didn’t specifically emphasize that “it may explode every time you open up the Doburoku”.

Your probiotic rice water may not explode because it didn’t require a long time to ferment, so don’t worry about it too much. But, you should practice expecting an explosion before it actually happens!

I want you to know that the fermentation is alive. Not only Doburoku, but many different kinds of fermented drinks exist.
If the glass jar breaks when the bottle explodes, it will be very dangerous. The glass jar may look healthy, but I strongly suggest you, use a plastic bottle used for pop drinks because, it has more flexibility and it can expand more than any other bottle.

I guess this is enough to explain.
Hope you enjoy making your Doburoku tonight!