Mirin Online – #1 -Orientation

Welcome to Koji Flower – The Koji Academy – Mirin Online!

This class will run from Spring to Fall until Mirin is done.

Making Mirin is easy and there is a high chance that you will succeed.
Also, there are only a few things to do during the process of fermentation……!
In addition, it is very tasty! I
don’t think you can imagine if you know the taste of Mirin from the local supermarket.
I am sure you will enjoy tasting your mirin this fall.

  1. Let me introduce myself

Just in case if you don’t know about me, here is my profile from my Koji Flower website:

Please let me know about yourself on the “Let me know about yourself” post.

2. About Facebook Group Page

Here is Koji Flower Mirin Online Facebook Group Page.


You can use this page as your textbook, note, reference and a place to communicate with other members. I will also ask you to write a report during the preparation of your Mirin.

If you are yearly member, you will be able to access until the end of this year.
If you just join this class only, you will be able to access until your Mirin is done.

3. Let’s briefly talk about what you need to make Mirin

Rice koji – about 100g
you can buy fresh Rice Koji from our Koji Advisor who lives close to where you live, or you can buy yourself from a local Japanese/Asian food store or online.

Gulteneous rice – about 700g
you can buy it at any Asian supermarket. Recently I have seen them in natural food store.
Let’s check your local natural stores or Asian stores.

An alcohol – 40% and up – 375ml

Tools you need:
A steamer – let me know what you have
A cloth for steam the rice
A jar / container (1.65L and up)

…that’s all.

I will explain more detail next time!

4. Zoom lecture
There will be two Zoom lectures in this class

The first Zoom lecture will be at the beginning in April.
I will explain overall schedule of this class and basic information about how to make Mirin.
In addition, I will give you a lecture about Mirin itself, how this world recognize Japanese Mirin, etc.

The second Zoom lecture will be at the end of this class in September.
We will filter the Mirin, taste it, and I will teach you how to use them.

All lectures are recorded so that you can review as much as you want.
In addition, The lecture slide will be available on the Facebook Group Page.

I believe that the meaning of taking a class is not only to learn how to make Mirin. In this modern world, you can google and find a variety of recipes on the internet. I would like to share with you, not only about how to make Mirin, but also information such as Japanese history, culture, food additives, tricks about food industrials, and so on.

Here is another important part: Feeling the process of fermentation.
I won’t give you a visual information about how to make Mirin.

Please try as I tell, and see what is going to happen.

I will be waiting for any questions you may have, so ask me! I
look forward to seeing your report on making Mirin!

If you have anything you would like to share with us, I will be very happy to hear that!

I look forward working with you all in this class.

Shiori Kajiwara
April 19, 2021