(miso-)Let’s make your own miso at your kitchen!

New!!! Shiro(white) Miso Online Class

This class is going to run using Facebook.
You need an account to log in to take this course.

Here is 4 benefits to take this class: 

1.  Facebook group page – you can find all instructions what you need, how to make miso.      Also, some lectures about Miso, such as history, kind of miso, Idea of using miso.
    You can use this page as your textbook.

2.  Creating a report to make miso – (Instruction of  how to create your report will be provided)
I will follow your report to make sure that you’re in right track to make miso.  

3.  Always connected with Instructor – you can ask questions anytime

4.  You will have maximum 2 months to use the page – I will support until your miso is done

To register, please accesss to Koji flower online shop at 

Fees: $60