ShoyuE2 – How to prepare Shoyu

(last updated April 6 2021)

Recipe of making Shoyu

For detail about tools and ingredients, please see the link here
This is the 2021 recipe
ーShoyu Koji  500g  
ーSalt     182g
ーWater     800g 

You will need a jar/container bigger than 1.5L


ーyou can add extra water for evapolate some water, while you stir your Shoyu for a yearー

Finally, let’s prepare Shoyu!

1.Pour the water and salt in a jar/container, to make salt water.

  Mix well, very well, to let the salt dissolve. If you cannot dissolve all of the salt, it’a okay. You are going to stir it everday at least for about a week. If you can prepare up to this point before you receive the Shoyu Koji, you will be able to finish everything perfectly once you have got your Shoyu Koji

2.Once you have received Shoyu Koji, add them into the salted water, stir well, very very very well!

  You may see some green smoke coming out when you pour the koji.

3.Done! Keep the Shoyu somewhere you can see it everyday, and stir it everyday, at lease the first week. You will lower the frequency of mixing, gradually, like twice in a couple of days to once in a couple of days….gradually.

It’s pretty easy, isn’t it??

Here are some tips you should know:

1.It’s preferable to use the FRESHLY MADE Shoyu koji. We will do our best to deliver the freshest koji to you. To make this happen, I want you to prepare other ingredients and jars/container before you receive Shoyu Koji.

Be ready to prepare right when you receive the Shoyu Koji JFKA will let you know when it will be delivered (or the day for to pick it up). Please further discuss with JFKA

For people who lives far from Toronto, JFKA will deliver the dried and vacuumed Shoyu Koji by mail. Since it might take a couple days for it to arrive, and the colour might change, but don’t worry. You will still be able to make Shoyu with it. Again, please wait for the Shoyu Koji to arrive, and be ready to prepare Shoyu right when you receive the Shoyu Koji.

2.Shoyu koji is a green koji. Although the mold called ’Aspergillus sojae’ is different from ‘Aspergillus oryzae‘, they are like the same family – ‘’Aspergillus sojae’ is good at creating enzymes called protease, which breaks down protein, and this is what createsthe taste of Umami. Shoyu koji is made with half soybeans and half wheat. Shoyu Koji’s sweetness is from amylase breaking down amino acid from wheat.

When you pour Shoyu Koji into the jar, sometimes, you can see a green smoke coming out – These are spores from shoyu koji, so You don’t have to worry about it. It may look poisonous, but it’s not a toxic at all.

However, some people may have an allergic reaction with this smoke of spores. If you or your family tend to have allergic reaction, I recommend you to prepare mask to wear while you working with Shoyu Koji.
It’s common to hear people who works at Shoyu Kra, to easily get a high fever or some reaction only when they prepare Shoyu (but only at that time, not for the entire year)

It has never happened to me before but I have heard from few people who has an allergic reaction from the Shoyu spore. In case you want to avoid anything to happen, please wear a mask and open up the window or do the work outside, etc.

Do you think it’s safer to wear goggles to protect your eyes?
Wow, are we dealing with a hazardous material!?
I want to emphasize that it is not harmful at all to your body!

Anyways, when you mix Shoyu and feel

“What is this?”
“Is this really going to be Shoyu?”

sounds like you’re on the right track…LOL

Enjoy preparing your Shoyu-!