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Koji Workshops


All workshops are available upon request. Please gather 5 to 7 people and ask me for future workshop.
Let’s discuss the date, time and place where you would like to have workshop.

For people who lives far from Toronto,
I will go your city for workshop… Please feel free to contact me.

Private Lesson, online lessons are available for all lessons

◎Shiro(white) Miso workshop◎  

Do you know miso?
Do you know how to use miso?
Have you tried to use miso other than making miso soup?
As introduction level, you will learn the different kind of miso, how to use them, as well as how to make your own miso from scratch.
In addition, you will try the taste of different kind of miso, little miso dish, and I will share some tips of miso cooking.


Preferred Date and time: After collecting enough number of participants, we will arrange date and time.

Place:There is a place at Yonge/Eglinton area that you can use for workshop. OR,
If you want me to visit your house or your city, it is possible with additional travel fee (+ workshop fee)

(Just suggestion: Even people who lives couple of hours from Toronto, some people simply come to Toronto to take workshop rather than invite people in your home. Because it’s easier to go rather than prepare your place and run workshop)

however, I will be happy to have someone who will arrange workshop at their place and I will go anywhere if you request!

Preferred people to run workshop:about to 5 to 7 people

Need to bring:nothing!

Workshop fee: $50/person (miso to take home + miso plate for trying different miso + miso soup)
(Travel fee: $10/person (driving distance within one hour from Eglinton/yonge)


◎Home brewing:Doburoku(sake)Workshop◎

Koji products is based on Japanese culture as well as Japanese food culture.
Antient people find alcholic fermentation from their everyday life, and it creates so many development to our life.
You may think alcoholic drink is not good for your health, but why?
Old people used to use alcoholic drink as medicine, but why?

You will learn the mechanism of making doburoku, the background of makind doburoku, as well as doburoku dishes and how to use sake lees.

To the honest with you, making doburoku is much easier than making any kind that I learn at the workshop! I personally highly recommended to learn such a useful, tasty, and healthy drinks exists in this world!

Can’t drink alchohol? no worries. I can’t either.
however, I always keep doburoku in my fridge because I use then EVERYDAY for cooking! It creats GREAT taste whatever I add them.

Please try and taste this amazing drink at the workshop!

(Just suggestion: Even people who lives couple of hours from Toronto, some people simply come to Toronto to take workshop rather than invite many people in your home and you have to arrange many things inc


◎Amazake Workshop◎

There are 2 ways to make Amazake traditionally… One is using Koji, One is using sake lees.I am going to talk about the amazake which made from Koji.

In Edo era, people sells amazake during summer time. They didn’t know how to investigate nutrients and benefit, but they naturally know amazake rescue people’s health when they are very tired of summer heat. Nowdays, some called amazake as ‘drinkable IV” because the contents of amazake is almost same as IV.

So, what is Amazake? ‘Ama’ means sweet, and ‘zake'(sake) mean alcohol.
It’s Japanese traditional sweet drink which made from 100% rice (+rice koji). No suger added!!!
There is a meaning why it’s called amazake, I will let you know at the workshop 🙂
We will learn how to make this abundant nutrients drink and how to use it.
There are variety of way to use, such as for cooking, baking, as sauce, with alcohol, for your dessert, even for your beauty too!
As always, workshop included tasty amazake dish.

◎Making koji(Seikiku)workshop◎

For this workshop, you will learn how to make koji itself.
I hardly to say it’s easy like making miso or doburoku, but it actually not so very difficult.
You also be able to judge yourself if you’re the person who make koji or who buy koji in terms of taking this workshop.

In general, you need 3 days to explain and show making koji, but I squeeze the time to 2 hours to express everything.







*色々な種類の 試食ができたのが 一番うれしかったです。 麹食品って流行ってるけど あまり取り入れ方が分からなかった(お味噌 とか もろみ味噌 位しか なじみがなく 実際の使い方が分からなかったので) 実際に食べてみて 美味しいと思うと、次は自分でって思えますよね。 作った唐辛子麹が完成するのが とっても楽しみです! 大瓶のお土産作成も 凄くうれしかったです。 自分の好きな味が選べて作れるところが 特に嬉しかったです。

*一番の収穫はなんとなく良さそう~という漠然なイメージの麹の実態が明らかになったことです。説明をしっかり聞いた後にお土産品の作成をしたのも、とてもよかったです。これなら自分でもできる。と自信にもなりました。それにお話を聞いて→おみやげを作って→麹を食べたい気持ちがMaxになったところで、完璧なタイミングで試食をいただき、満足度大でした。 とてもお得な気持ちになった講習会でした。 友人を誘っての参加だったのですが、友人にも「為になる講習会に誘ってくれてありがとう」と後でお礼を言ってもらい、私も嬉しかったです。


*体にも心にも安心で、何よりも気持ちがほっこりと暖かくなる手作り!というお味噌にふれられた事をとても嬉しく思います。どのような出来上がりになるかは判りませんが、しおりさんのご指導の元で経過を実体験させていただけました事、また、しおりさんの豊かな知識をシェアして下さいました事、とても嬉しくまた感謝の気持ちでいっぱいです。ありがとうございました(^^)  その次に、麹という貴重なものを使い、身近なトマトやきゅうりなどが あれだけ美味しく変身(調理)できる!という、幻の麹というものをしみじみ感じました(^^) まだまだ奥の深い麹だとは思いますが、少しだけでも知ることができたのは とても嬉しく、私も あのトマトときゅうりを再現できたら良いな(^^)って思っています。  昨日はホント素晴らしい講習をありがとうございました(^^)

*気軽に手作り味噌を始められるように、内容に工夫がされていると感じました。 全体を通して、食にこだわるしおりさんの思いが感じられてよい刺激をいただきました。ありがとうございました。