”Chohakukin” Tane koji – 種麹- for multipurpose use


”Cho-haku kin ”長白菌
Tane koji – 種麹- for multipurpose use

Cotain 20g of Tane koji
to make 15 kg of Rice koji.



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”Cho-haku kin ”長白菌
Tane koji – 種麹- for multipurpose use

Contain 20g of Tane koji
to make 15 kg of Rice koji.


About the Tane-koji 種麹

Tane koji is a spore of the aspergillus oryzae to make rice koji (or barley koji, or any kind of koji with grain) to make basic Japanese koji fermantations products such as Miso, amazake, sake, shio-koji and so on.

There are many different kind of Tane-koji is exist, and this Cho-haku-kin is for multiple use.
This fungus has clearly white, and long hair which create whiter and .  Good for beginners to start making rice koji.


About the Chohaku kin 長白菌

Chohakukin is the name of Tane koji.  It has a charactor of fungus grow clearly white and long hair.
It creates good balance of sweetness and umami flavor, good for making anything “White” such as white miso, shiokoji, amazake, and so on.


You need to know how to make Rice koji using this Tane koji (koji spore)

There are online class available for how to make rice at Koji Flower.
Please contact kojiflowershiori@gmail.com or use the form below for furture information.

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