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Doburoku, Sake home Brewing

Koji products is based on Japanese culture as well as Japanese food culture. 
Antient people find alcholic fermentation from their everyday life, and it creates so many development to our life. 
You may think alcoholic drink is not good for your health, but why?
Old people used to use alcoholic drink as medicine, why?

You will learn the mechanism of making doburoku, the history, how to use for cooking, also how to use sake lees.

To the honest with you, making doburoku is much easier than making Miso! I personally highly recommend to learn such a useful, tasty, and healthy drink!

Can’t drink alchohol? no worries. I actually can’t either.
however, I always keep doburoku in my fridge because I use them EVERYDAY for cooking! It adds GREAT taste and wonderful health benefit.