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Question from participants

I’ve gotten a question from participants. It is very important that you know that I love to answer the questions!!! Everyone has questions when they start something, and I am always so happy to help them.


Hello Shiori,

I hope you’re doing well. I attended your miso making workshop last week. It was great! Now I’m trying to make miso and I accidentally put double the amount of salt !

I only had half the amount of koji from what we used in the class and I put 20 grams of salt (which according to google is about 5 teaspoons).

Is there anything I can do to fix it? I thought that maybe I can add more mashed soybean+koji mix?


Wow, it’s so exciting that this person already started to making miso by her own!! and here is my answer:


I am so happy that you are trying to make miso!

Here is my suggestions:
1.You can add more mushed soybeans+koji
2. Leave it as you did and just switch to longer fermentation.

When did you make miso? If you wanna add koji+soybeans, you better do as soon as possible….but why don’t you just  leave the miso like as it is for this time since the amount is not so much, and make another one with proper amount??


She decided to switch to longer fermentation. and she is ready to try another batch. Good choice!

If you have any question, please ask me anytime. Relationship between me and participants is not only durirng workshop. Real fermentation starts after the workshop. Don’t hesitate to contact me 🙂

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