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Koji Flower Online Class/Yearly program

Koji Flower Online Class is a place to learn basic koji fermentation condimental throught the year.

During this one-year program, you will be constantly connected with other students and myself to enhance each other by sharing your experiences, exchange information. I will always be there for you to give you an advice and provide help if necessary.

All class runs at the Facebook group page, using chat to communicate.

Every month, we will have a theme and learn different koji condiments. The basic information is already there in the Facebook Group page with tutorial videos and documents, and you can learn at your own pace.

In addition, there will be one hour Zoom meeting every month, this is the time where we can talk directly and I can answer based on everyone’s interests and requests. I have found that this is a much better way than just listening to my basic lecture. All Zoom meeting will be recorded so that you can watch it later. Of course you can talk with me anytime through chat.

For those of you who are quite busy everyday, this program is good for you too. You can study at your own pace, and I will remind you where we are at, so that you can keep up with everything.

2021年度 年間スケジュール
Yearly schedule for 2021 (yearly members – 1st year)

1月/Jan 基本の白味噌/ Basic Shiro miso
2月/Feb 簡単どぶろく/Easy Doburoku (sake making)
3月/Mar 味醂を仕込む/Mirin making (lecture is on Sep)
赤味噌を仕込む/Akamiso(red miso) making (lecture is on Dec)
4月/Apr 醤油を仕込む/ Soysauce making(lecture is in 2nd year)
5月/May 菩提酛 / Bodaimoto
6月Jun 米麹作りー製麹 / Rice koji Making
7月/July 課題―プレゼンかレポート/ project – presentation or report
8月/Aug(下旬)醤油用麹ー製麹/ Soysauce koji making
9月/Sep 味醂レクチャー / Mirin lecture
10月/Oct 麦麹の製麹→麦味噌/ Barley koji making – Barley miso
11月/Nov. 豆麹の製麹 / Soybean koji making
12月/Dec 赤味噌レクチャー/ Akamiso (Red miso) lecture

Fees: $900/year (monthly payment, quarterly payment is available)

Advanced member (2nd year) program

1月  京風白味噌仕込み/ Kyoto style white miso
2月  ↑Zoomレクチャー/ lecture of Kyoto style white miso
3月  玄米麹 / Brown Rice koji making
4月  天然酵母 / Natural yeast 
5月 (菩提酛)/ Bodaimoto (more detail)            
6月 (米麹)/ Rice koji Making (more detail)
7月 課題―プレゼンかレポート / project/presentation or report     
8月  白醤油(小麦製麹) / white soysauce (wheat koji making)
9月 (味醂) / Mirin (more detail)     
10月 (麦)金山寺味噌 / (Barley) Kinzanji miso
11月 甘酒 / Amazake
12月 (豆)八丁味噌 / Haccho miso (soybean miso)  

☆ The first year classes are all open to the public. $60/class for every class except $120 for koji making class.
☆ If you’re interested in taking the 2nd year of the classes, please contact us.

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