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Koji Flower- Koji Advisor Training Program

-Learning Koji and Beyond-

The koji advisor training program is for

-Want to learn about koji in a comprehensive program
-Want to start koji business in a future
-Want to inherit koji culture, Japanese culture
-Want to learn about our health, body and mind with koji
-Are interested in the oriental medicine approach
-Want to learn how to use koji for themselves and their family
-Want to learn at their own pace online

This is the best learning method for those who want to learn at their own pace online.

All class runs at the Facebook group page, using chat to communicate.

Every month, we will have a theme and learn different koji condiments. The basic information is already there in the Facebook Group page with tutorial videos and documents, and you can learn at your own pace.

In addition, there will be one hour Zoom meeting every month, this is the time where we can talk directly and I can answer based on everyone’s interests and requests. I have found that this is a much better way than just listening to my basic lecture. All Zoom meeting will be recorded so that you can watch it later. Of course you can talk with me anytime through chat.

For those of you who are quite busy everyday, this program is good for you too. You can study at your own pace, and I will remind you where we are at, so that you can keep up with everything.

Here is the detail of Koji Advisor Training Course in 2023

Yearly Member(1st year/2nd year)  
Registered yearly(Incluing all 3 semesters):CA$900/year

-All payments made by credit card will be required +3% handling fee.
-If your residence is in Canada, we recommend Etransfer, which has no fees!

Semester 1 ーKan Shikomi(If you take only this semester:CA$400)

Jan Preparing basic shiro(white)miso and Mugi(barley)miso 
Feb Easy doburoku, open the basic shiro(white)miso 
MarPreparing Aka(red)miso
AprilPreparing Mirin, and Shoyu

Semester 2 – Foundation of making Rice koji and how to make sake
(If you take only this semester:CA$250)

MayFoundation of Rice koji making-very important month! 
JuneBodaimoto 菩提酛 – advanced level of doburoku(sake)

7月/July ー8月/Aug Summer vacation 

Semester 3 – making koji using Soybeans, barley, and shoyu. Open the miso, mirin, shoyu that we prepared earlier in this year(If you take only this semester:CA$400)

Sephow to make shoyukoji and lecture of shoyu 
Octhow to make barley koji and lecture of barley miso 
Novhow to make Soybean Koji and lecture of aka(red)miso  
DecMirin lecture, Osechi(Japanese new year’s dish)

This is how this program works

-Join facebook

-Join group chat

-Join each event page that is in the semester

-Study yourself follow by “guide” – mainly watch video and take note

-submit the note(optional)

-Attend 1/month Zoom lecture

-before Zoom lecture or after the lecture, you actually start prepare the koji products by yourself.

-keep the report in the event page, I will respond your work(will be your note for your future)

-you will be supported in a chat group and ask question anytime

2nd year Program

1Kyoto style white miso
2(Barley) Kinzanji miso
3Brown Rice koji making
4Grow Rice koji yeast and make a bread
6Business workshop
7white soysauce (wheat koji making)
8Haccho miso (soybean koji only miso)

For question / concern please use the form below to contact me.

If you decide your mind, you can register from here:

If you would like to pay by credit card or PayPal please pay from here

If you live in Canada and pay by etransfe, here is Email address:

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