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Schedule for Koji Flower Online Classes (in English)

-Total of 2 classes for Easy Doburoku(Sake) Making Class –

Aug 29 – Easy Doburoku(sake) making class – how to make Doburoku
Sep 05 – Easy Doburoku(Sake) Making Class – lectures

Total of 3 classes for General White Miso (shiro miso) Class

Sep 12 – Basic instruction of making Shiro miso
Sep 19 – All about Miso – serious lecture!
OCt 17 – Let’s open up your Miso!

Fermentation talking day – anyone can join for Free – Sep 26

Total of 3 classes for Mirin Class

Oct 03 – Preparation of making Mirin
Oct 10 – Mirin making day + serious lecture
Dec 12 – Let’s filter your Mirin, how to take care of it

Total of 4 classes for Rice Koji Making Class

Oct 24 – Introduction -get ready to make Rice koji
Oct 31 – Lecture of Rice Koji – first attempt to making rice koji
Nov 7 – About Tane Koji(koji spore) – 2nd attempt to making rice koji
Nov 14 – More ides of how to use koji , history and Japanese culture

You need to get Tane koji to take this class. It may takes a month to deliver it from Japan, so please contact me ASAP to talk about it for more detail.

Total of 3 classes for bodaimoto菩提酛-advanced sake making Class

Nov 21 – get ready to make Doburoku – introduction and soyashi mizu-
Nov 28 – honshikomi – 本仕込み
Dec 05 – lectures of Bodaimoto, how to use sakekasu(sake lees)
Danshikomi 段仕込み(if we have enough time)

How to join the class:

Please use the form below to enroll or email to

Online class fees:

-You can join at any class! $60/class

-package class price is reasonable :
Easy Sake Making Class (2 classes) $120 → $90
White Miso Class (3 classes) $180 → $130
Mirin Class (3 classes) $180 → $130
Bodaimoto Class(3 classes) $180 →$130
Rice Koji Making Class(4 classes) $240 →$190

Every class included:
-One hour face to face Zoom lecture, (it will be recorded for you to use)
-supporting your makings through SNS
-answering all questions through SNS
-you will be asked to submit report during your making

You can pay by Paypal:
or by credit card: please see our online store
If you live in Canada, you can e-transfer me to

I look forward seeing and working with you at the class!

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